Monday, September 13, 2010

Last Post to this Blog I Hope

Now I have Billie mixing concrete for our new front porch at Hazelwood. Notice my new bench modeled after the ones my dad made.

This blog is my diary about my experience with cancer. For now I think the cancer is behind me. I will surely revive the blog if and when the cancer comes back. As far as I can guess that is about a 50 50 chance in cases like mine at this stage. My odds get better in time. There are many who live long lives after a stem cell transplant and I hope I am one of those. I could keep posting here but I would have to change the title to the cGVHD log because that is what my issues are all about now as far as my health is concerned. Besides that, the cancer is kind of a macabre topic after a while and it brings on compassion fatigue for even my most enduring family and friends. If it wasn't me I would be sometimes reluctant to check out this blog for fear that I would be going dust to dust.
I have started a new blog here that is more general and not so focused on my sickness. There I hope to keep you updated on my various projects. There should be more of the usual writing about cycling, mushrooms, dogs, making and wrecking stuff. I plan on posting a lot of updates about our fixer I'll call the "Hazelwood Project" with gratuitous photos.

Time to live it up.

Take Care.


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